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The Relationology Mastermind is unique in every way. My way of relating with clients and doing business overall, has metamorphosed with exponential benefits. It is a must for all.
Ebenezer Asumang

A Mastermind is a peer coaching programme where you are encouraged and empowered to identify and achieve a significant goal within 100-days. The power of a relational approach helps people in Masterminds launch businesses, deliver big projects and move forward.

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Alongside our flagship Masterminds we offer a variety of courses and coaching programmes to enable you to grow, develop and succeed in your dream. The success you dream of is ready to be discovered in the relationships around you and that is what Relationology is passionate about helping you achieve.

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There are few greater feelings than the feeling of knowing that you have written a book and that it's available for purchase globally - the 'Writing My Book' course helped me fulfill a dream.
tommy stewart
Significant Goal?

Masterminds coach you define and achieve a significant goal over 100-days. Three of the most common goals are...

#1 Sales Growth
Increase sales and revenue by winning the right new clients for your business.
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#2 Special Project
Optimise the opportunities and overcome challenges of a special project.
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#3 Start Up
Become your own boss and launch a new business as your main thing or 'side hustle'.
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Meet Matt Bird, Relationology Founder

Matt is an entrepreneur, social enterprise founder and firm believer in building authentic, high trust relationships in every area of life.

Relationology was formed to help business, charity and public sector leaders develop the skills and practices necessary to create rewarding relationships. His mission is to help people become more relational - for all the right reasons.

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It is the vehicle for Matt Bird and the Relationology Partners to help people around the world to develop trusting, authentic and rewarding relationships.

That depends on your need. A Mastermind is great if you have a goal, a big project or some other dream with a deadline attached. The courses are ideal if you have a desire to improve your ability to collect, keep and grow meaningful relationships.

Absolutely, people have purchased books or asked Matt Bird to come and deliver bespoke team training to help embed Relationology principles and ideas in a group of people, contact us for more.

Head to the blog and read some articles or sign up to the Relationology mailing list and you'll get a free copy of the 'Building Profitable Relationships' eBook.

Start prioritising and investing in your relationships for just £50
Relationology Masterminds and courses are a proven way of growing your business through an authentic network of rewarding relationships
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