4 reasons why you can trust the process


After speaking to a member of the Relationology Alumni about their experience of the Writing My Book course, they told that one thing they had learned was to ‘trust the process’.

Although they were doing incredibly well for a first-time author, there were moments when this participant felt a little overwhelmed by the new processes. And I’m sure he was not alone!

Whenever you learn something new you experience such feelings. There are many pages of advice online for students who struggle when studying for exams. Often, pupils get frustrated and want to give up simply because they will never get anywhere. They lose faith in the process.

But by trusting the process and sticking with it, you are more likely achieve. The participant I mention on the Writing My Book programme decided to do just that. That budding writer is now a published author and they are already planning a second and third book!

So if you are struggling with a new course or learning, then here are four reasons why your should trust the process.

Trust the course leader

It’s easy to sit in a conference or on a course and ponder the experience the leader has. How can they possibly know all this stuff? But if you know better, why aren’t you leading the course?

The participant who spoke to me about trusting the process said he had identified with me because he, like me, was in remedial English classes at school. He knew if I’d achieved publishing a book with my process, then he would too. So he continued to trust the process.

All Relationology programmes are led by people who have experience to share, so you can trust our Partners because they’ve already taken part in the journey. There might be times when you feel you’ve hit a wall, so share that with the leader as they will have advice from their experience.

One study explains that people who trust their leaders feel more satisfied, so if

Trust yourself

If you’ve ever taken part in any programme, you set out believing you can achieve. After a few sessions, most people reach a point where they start to have some doubts.

You have to trust yourself and trust that you can reach your goal, but it can be the most difficult element of your journey.

Psychologist Erik Erikson's first foundation in the eight stages of human development, is about “basic trust”. By mistrusting the outer world, he explains, people are really mistrusting themselves deep down. As a result, it has a negative influence on their lives.

When you begin the journey, remember to trust yourself and trust that you can achieve. Even if you have to reach out to your peers when you reach moments of doubt, see it as a positive move because they will confirm you can trust yourself!

Trust different views

At the heart of Relationology programmes is participation of individuals in each cohort. Not only does this mean each person receives encouragement and support, they can also hear different views.

Unless someone is being intentionally negative and undermining, always listen carefully to feedback. Most people – and especially those taking part in our programmes – want to help and give honest views because they want to be part of your journey just like you want to be part of theirs.

When it comes to listening to these comments, trust different views. It is all part of the process of learning and developing skills. Others have opinions and draw on their experience, something you would never get chance to learn from without taking part in a group setting. So recognise that it is a privilege to gain knowledge from others and trust those views!

Trust your predecessors

If you’ve ever taken part in a course and know that you are following in the footsteps of others, then it’s a very good sign that the programme is successful. Find out what previous participants say about the experience and if it confirms that a process works, trust them.

They will also have had moments when they felt a little bit out of their depth, but they trusted the process and achieved their goal. With more than 100 successful participants, it has been an honour to witness so many people who have achieved goals, proving Relationology’s processes work.

Whether you’re part of a Relationology programme or part of a course elsewhere, remember to trust the process. Like any journey, there will be ups and downs but stick to the route well travelled and you will achieve!

For more details about Relationology Academy programmes check out our Academy page.

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