‘A long-time dream has now become reality’


Relationology International has always been a global organisation and we are reaching more countries thanks to the appointment of our partners.

As a result of welcoming S-P O’Mahony this year, we now have Alumni members from countries in Central and Eastern Europe. As S-P has lived and worked there for many years, he is delivering programmes to passionate people in those countries.

In April 2021, he welcomed his first cohort to our Mastermind programme and has helped more people achieve their goals. And Mugurel Margarit achieved not one, but two goals in 100 days!

Mugurel is Executive Director of Fundația Regală Margareta a României (Royal Margaret Foundation of Romania), an NGO that helps children and young people connect and learn from retired people.

Senior citizens volunteer to help pupils with homework and they share their skills, such as drama and crafts. These sessions are delivered at a day centre as after-school activities with each senior person volunteering their time.

Mugurel explains, “While the children benefit from the experience of volunteers, the volunteers also benefit from the relationship. As they are retired, they can often feel like they have no place in the community. By volunteering they have a sense of feeling useful and special.”

His goal, however, was a little more personal, as Murgurel is planning on adding life coaching to his skillset. It’s a goal that has been in the back of his mind for many years, but it wasn’t until he attended the Mastermind that he this long-held dream became reality – and well within 100 days.

Mugurel, what was your goal?

It was a goal that was in the back of my mind for some time. I wanted to become a coach and get the skills to become one because I think it would be useful when working with colleagues and those from other NGOs. I wanted to develop this and when we started the Mastermind, S-P said I needed an objective. My goal was to find and enrol on a coaching programme and to have at least 3 non-paying clients to use as part of my training. To my surprise, this idea that I had had for many years was put into motion within a month!

So you reached your 100-day goal in a month?

Yes, I managed to find a class, enrol and find my training clients within a month. The coaching classes will take a year to achieve, but I achieved the goal within the first month of the Mastermind.

What did Mastermind do to help you achieve the goal?

It gave me focus and accountability. Mastermind helps you focus on your goal and I was accountable by my fellow students and the leader, S-P. We set goals and then we had smaller steps between sessions to reach the goal. It was what I needed at that moment: to have a direction, a structure and a small push towards my goal.

There are few good coaching classes in Romania; some start in April and others in September and they take a year. So, I was fortunate to find one in April suitable for me. It meant I achieved my Mastermind goal and started my coaching class within 10 days.

How did the Most Important Next Steps work for you?

They make reaching the goal a lot easier. When a larger goal seems impossible to reach, these smaller goals between each session are a lot easier.

How did you find being accountable to others?

In some ways it is as much about support as accountability. What I liked is that if you didn’t reach a step, none of the other people would say, “You’re failing!” You are part of a group of people with their own goals and it’s amazing that you’re with them on their journey. You do your small part and they do theirs, but they are not going to criticise you. It forms a real community.

What was it like listening to everyone’s goals?

We tried to help each other and that may seem obtrusive, but it’s not because they are in the same boat as you. When they offer you expertise it is in good faith and you do that for them. It forms an amazing bond and it works.

How did you find S-P’s leadership?

He manages to connect people very well and you appreciate him. S-P is calm and warm and he knows how to make goals more specific, which helps you focus.

Did you set any other goals as you achieved yours within a month?

I would have been nothing but an observer for the rest of the Mastermind after achieving my goal, so I decided to set another one. My goal was to find paying customers for my coaching and combine the work that I do at the Foundation with earning money from coaching. I would say that I fulfilled 75% of that goal during the rest of the Mastermind.

I know that some people have a goal in their mind but they never try to achieve it. Relationology Mastermind is the type of programme that will help you achieve those goals.

What would you say to someone who wants to take part?

I would recommend Mastermind to anyone who has a life goal – even for those who say they haven’t one! I’m sure in the back of their minds those people have something they want to achieve and Mastermind will help. Also, you meet a lot of new people from other countries or other fields of work.

For more details about Masterminds and the nearest programme to you, visit the the Academy page on the website.

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