A year of astounding and unexpected growth


Like everyone, 2020 has been a year that I certainly hadn’t planned! During the first couple of months, I was doing what I have for many years now: travelling the globe as a speaker.

Then came an uninvited guest in the form of Covid-19 and my wings were completely clipped. As conferences were cancelled, my schedule quickly changed from being crammed to alarmingly clear.

As someone who kept a busy diary meeting business relationships in person when I wasn’t working abroad, I entered new territory that, at first, was unnerving.

If you had told me in March that 2020 would see Relationology rapidly grow into new areas, I admit I would have been pleasantly surprised. I certainly didn’t expect to be privileged and honoured to witness 30 others reach business and personal goals and transform their enterprises first-hand.

Like so many of those I met online this year, the adage of ‘diversify or die’ is something I embraced in 2020. From rarely video conferencing, I now spend much of my working day in front of my computer’s webcam; something we’ve all grown adept at when you consider Zoom’s rise in sales this year.

And while some industries will, very sadly, struggle – such as those relationships I have in hospitality and the events industry – I believe that diversifying is something everyone has the ability to achieve.

Relationology Mastermind

As the first lockdown across the UK was announced, I began thinking about courses and workshops that had been in my mind for some time. Without physically being at conferences, I had time to put my plans into place more quickly.

One month after launching details of my first Mastermind in March, I welcomed six people to Relationology’s inaugural Mastermind.

The aim of the 100-day course is to help coach each person to reach a specific goal, while those within the group use their experience to support the others. Being held accountable drives everyone to successfully reaching their goals.

Since then, 30 others have taken part and the success rate is a staggering 91%.

Relationology Academy

During the first group, it was clear that authentic relationships were being formed across the internet. So much so, that those taking part told me they would be thrilled to keep on meeting.

Again, ideas that were no more than that at the start of the year became part of a new era for Relationology: the Academy. The first group again became pioneers for SuperPowers, the course where I share my experience in the value of business relationships and how to sow, grow and nurture them.

This offers delegates the tools to form a relational ecosystem that will ultimately drive the success of their enterprises – whether businesses or non-profits.

Throughout the SuperPowers courses it has been fascinating watching authentic relationships deepen. For some, opportunities have arisen and lifetime connections forged.

The Academy now consists of two others courses: Writing My Book and, new for 2021, SpringBoard, which supports people on the exciting, and sometimes scary, journey of discerning and launching into the next phase of their life and vocation.

SpringBoard will guide delegates through a 100-day course, with me helping members use journaling as way of processing their journey, future options and the execution of their next steps.

Looking forward

While I much prefer meeting people face to face (something I have already written about), witnessing relationships of both mine and those of the Mastermind and Academy being built and transformed online has been extraordinary.

Even the constraints of travel cannot stop authentic relationships from being created and strengthened. I am sure 2021 will bear witness to similar results and, hopefully, those who are already part of the Academy will see those who met online will meet in person!

I hope that you have a peaceful new year and a prosperous and successful new year. If you want to make a new start, why not join me and others on Mastermind, SuperPowers or SpringBoard courses.

One thing I have learned from 2020 is that relationships really are the true currency of business – even when online!

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