A book could be your best business card


Author Kathryn Joyce is reputed to be the person who coined the phrase, “We all have a book in us.” It is an often repeated comment that I firmly believe is true.
We all have a story to tell! And if you doubt that you’d ever be able to write a book, let me explain why I am proof that you can.

As the author of 9 books, you might expect that I was destined as a child to be the writer of books. The late Nobel Laureate in Literature, Isaac Bahsevis Singer, once said in an interview, “When I came out from my mother she asked the midwife, ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’ And the midwife said, ‘It’s a writer.’”

I can assure you that my situation was nothing like that! At school, I was in a remedial class for English and have extreme dyslexia (thank goodness for spellcheckers!). Writing my first book was a massive achievement that even I wasn’t sure I’d manage.

There are many reasons to write a book about your life. When it comes to business, sharing our struggles and victories offers encouragement to others. While we all face different business problems, we can relate to similar situations which can inspire those facing difficulties. Putting these experiences and thoughts in print can be incredibly positive for your business. A book really could be your best business card.

Why a book impacts your business

A few years ago, the RAIN Group Centre for Sales Research decided to survey 200 business book authors. In an article in BusinessWeek magazine about the report, the research company’s CEO Mike Schultz wrote, “The vast majority of the authors we surveyed – 96% – said they realised a significant positive impact on their businesses from writing a book and would recommend the practice.”

Before you decide to switch from reading this article to writing your first chapter, let me tell you that Schultz didn’t mean your sales will rocket as soon as your book is complete.

He noted later in the article that the business benefits are indirect, and authors are unlikely to see booming sales of books! Schultz went on to say this included, “generating more leads, closing more deals, charging higher fees and getting better speaking engagements.”

I can confirm that this experience echoes mine as a business book author. Publishing a book is a powerful way to build your brand. It also demonstrates that you are a thought leader, and that attracts the right sort of business.

Improve your business

Being the author of a business book also increases the credibility of your organisation. Even if you are a sole trader, people will want to be associated with you and your business once you are an author.

I believe a book is the best business card. Rather than handing over a small card that will be stuffed into a pocket and forgotten, a book is a powerful reminder of you and your business. A client once invited me to host an event for the directors of a company he had recently left for retirement.

As well as Relationology International, I run a business that offers knowledge in pairing wine with cheese. So when the tasting evening was over, I handed everyone a copy of my book. Some months later, I was invited by my client’s replacement to chat about a new project.

Improve your brand

I genuinely believe that handing that book to those who attended the tasting event helped cement my opportunity to work with the company’s new director. Being able to read my thoughts, he understood with clarity what I could offer.

A business card may have contained a logo and hinted at my brand, but my book reveals the innermost qualities of my brand. It also laid to bare my experience, which I believe helped that director decide that his business needed to tap into it!

Writing My Book course

I am regularly asked, ‘How do I write a book.’ In fact, after deciding to launch Relationology International Academy, I was asked several times if the Academy would include a course about writing a book.

In January, I will be launching the first Academy Writing My Book course. I already have bookings months ahead of launch and way before it is even widely advertised! This tells me that there are lots of people who want to know how to write their story and turn it into a book.

As an advocate of book publishing, I am excited. But I’m equally thrilled because it means more entrepreneurs will be able to produce their best ever business card! I am now putting the final touches to the course and looking to January with excitement.

I firmly believe we all have a book in us, and if I can do it, then what is stopping you?

If you would like to find out more about the Writing My Book Academy course, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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