How I gained 90% more clients than I was aiming for!

When Ebenezer Asumang took part in his first Mastermind he had a clear goal in mind: growing his client base. With a plan to recruit 20 by the end of his 100-day programme, he looked forward to learning how he would reach his target.

By the time of the final Mastermind session, Ebenezer hadn’t just achieved his goal, he’d smashed it! With 38 new clients, he says without Mastermind and the accountability required to take part, he’d never have attained such an impressive achievement.

As a development communications specialist, Ebenezer has a background in banking and finance. He shares his financial knowledge as a columnist on Ghana’s Business & Financial Times. He loves to encourage people and has written five books on motivation has two more near completion.

Here, Ebenezer shares how his Relationology Mastermind transformed his business.

What was your original goal?

My goal was to grow my network of business clients so that by the end of the year, which was last year, I could hit my bottom line. I had a particular goal and during the Mastermind, and through its accountability, you refine it as you take your Most Important Next Steps over the course of the programme.

What did you think before starting your Mastermind?

I was open-minded but I did some research and I was impressed with what I read about the Mastermind. As a result, I was positive from the outset. I thought that it could help me be more successful.

How did you find the experience?

The experience was wonderful. If I had been doing this on my own and had set a goal myself, there would be indiscipline on my part! With Mastermind there is accountability from others are checking up on you. What has stayed with me since it ended is that while I don’t meet with the others, I still feel like I have accountability partners. That has really spurred me on as we start this year.

So you enjoyed the accountability?

Sometimes you felt under pressure but overall it was enjoyable. It was a challenge and stretched your limits but also your brain. The accountability was beneficial, I would say. Everyone contributed and told me how to find clients and as a result I cast my net wider. It really helped me.

And what about other being accountable to you?

I was surprised at what I could give and contribute to others. For me, it was awesome.

You more than reached your goal, didn’t you?

Yes. I was looking to work with 20 clients by the end of November but achieved 38 new clients and hit my bottom line! The Mastermind also spurs you on and not just in reaching your initial goal. It is the reason I’ve written two new books because I felt so encouraged.

So, you would recommend Masterminds?

I have already recommended one or two people and I am recommending people all the time to join the Mastermind.

If you have a goal that you would like to achieve, then contact us today to find out about our next Relationology Masterminds

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