How keynote speakers boost your business

It is two years since the Covid-19 pandemic began to grip the world. Despite the challenges, most businesses proved their resilience.

For some, there was a sudden shock that meetings and conferences would be carried out online. There is still is no substitute for face to face meetings, in my view, but Zoom and Teams have certainly helped make the world smaller.

As a result, you can now invite your global team to annual meetings and conferences without having to foot large travel and hotel bills.

Businesses are now adept at running conferences and meetings online and I truly believe the future will be a blend of in-person and online events. No matter how they are delivered, it is essential that quality content is central to corporate events.

If your organisation books a keynote speaker simply for the sake of it, then the speaker, your employees and/or attendees will struggle to see the benefits. But do it right, and you will help inspire the audience. It will also have a positive impact on the speaker, too!

But how does booking a speaker from outside your organisation really help?

A fresh perspective

If you invite someone who isn’t wrapped in your regimes, they offer fresh perspectives. For example, have you used similar diagrams and models for your sales over the years? A seasoned speaker will, no doubt, see things in a different way.

When they relay their personal stories, it will help your team view things differently, too. Even if their examples are similar to that of your managers, the way in which they tell the story will sound fresh.

This may sound to be a bit of blow if you’re an engaging manger but there is a scientific reason! According to Princetown University researcher Greg Stephens, the brain patterns of the listener sync with the speaker. As a result, the audience is more engaged because they are syncing with someone new. This helps them listen more intently and understand messages better.

The study showed that by speaking in stories and anecdotes the audience was also more engaged than if they had simply watched slide show presentations.

Performance of employees

Encouraging your employees should be a central goal when inviting a public speaker. If you are planning leadership changes or launching new campaigns, an experienced speaker is a great way to inspire and educate your employees and industry partners.

Inspired and engaged employees will not only feel loyal to your organisation, they value your investment in them and their futures. A study by the Corporate Executive Board shows that companies that invest in leadership development ‘outperformed others by 1,500% over the last 60 years’.

Many company bosses may feel that they prefer to deliver new ideas, but there is a risk that your team will switch off no matter how engaging you are. Using an experienced keynote speaker can help.

A good speaker should do their homework. This will help your team recognise their investment in your business and that it’s not just another speaking engagement. I will always devote hours to researching before delivering a speech so it aligns with your organisation’s principles and delivery methods.

For more information about how Relationology International’s team can deliver keynote speakers, contact us today.

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