Making small steps helps you achieve big goals


Setting goals is essential if you want to achieve success in your business. But it can be difficult to reach them if you are daunted by big plans.

Breaking down your goals into smaller steps, however, is one of the best pieces of advice I can give anyone. One of the key principles of Relationology Masterminds is that each participant must set MINS, or Most Important Next Steps.

Before each session, Mastermind members must commit to what they plan to achieve before the next meeting.

There isn’t any forfeit should these not be achieved from time to time. We all know life can throw curveballs that derail our plans and it’s counterproductive if you beat yourself up for being behind on one of your steps.

But it is staggering how setting MINS is helping Mastermind participants achieve their goals.

‘MINS are better than a business plan’

Financial Adviser Marc Millar, who has just completed a Mastermind, says MINS have been one of the most powerful aspects.

“I’m not usually one for setting goals, but the Mastermind has been excellent,” he says. “MINS are amazing and it has really surprised me how much they have helped me.

“They are a real driver and gave me determination to achieve the steps before each meeting. Setting MINS pushed me and simplify the goal. I think they are better than a business plan!”

Marc also believes that being held accountable to other Mastermind participants is another advantage of taking part.

“My goal was more personal than others and as we got to know each other, I could see that we were all opening up more,” he remarks.

“There’s a real element of trust and honesty and that has also been a major benefit. Setting the goals through a Mastermind has played some part in helping have the best quarter I’ve had since starting as a Financial Adviser five years ago.”

Four or five times greater

Marc says business has been four or give times greater than any previous quarter.

“A few things have come together to help me but having MINS has definitely been instrumental to this growth,” he adds.

Masterminds really do help you achieve more than just your goals. Making connections and becoming accountable is a real driver, as Marc has found.

Spaces for the next Mastermind are limited because there is an optimum amount that makes it work best.

If you want to join April’s Mastermind, which starts next Wednesday, book now to make sure you don’t miss out on your next steps to growth.

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