My Mastermind Group Helped Me Dream Again!


What is your name?

Simon Badman

What is your business/organisation and what is your position?

I’m a digital marketing trainer and consultant. I’ve been a partner with digital agency SocialB for around eight years and worked with an amazing range of clients from one-person companies to household names such as Aston Martin and Specsavers.

Why did you join a Relationology Mastermind Group?

I felt that lockdown provided a real opportunity to refocus on what I do and why I do it. I’ve always enjoyed what I do, but perhaps during the last 18 months or so I’d settled into a routine and needed to be encouraged out from my comfort zones.
I was hoping that the group would get me dreaming again, beyond the limitations of my experience and thinking. I wasn’t disappointed in this.

How successful was your Mastermind Group?

I was pleasantly surprised how much I was able to input into the group and certainly received a huge amount of help and guidance in return. The group formed into a real “band of brothers” all helping and encouraging each other, with a small dose of challenge when needed.

What did you gain from it personally and professionally?

Personally, I was probably expecting some extra LinkedIn connections. What happened was new friendships that formed as a result of the group.
Professionally, I was able to successfully launch a brand new course aimed at building the confidence of consultants and trainers to deliver their business online. Members of the group kept me both encouraged and accountable in developing and starting the course.

What would you say to someone considering joining a Relationology Mastermind Group?

I’d say, “Go for it!” It’s a fantastic investment into your business, career and life

Are you looking forward to the next Relationology step, SuperPowers?

Yes, definitely! I believe that most, if not all, those who were part of the Mastermind Group have signed up for SuperPowers. I’m really looking forward to journeying with them again, and seeing further dreams turn into reality.

If you would like to achieve your goals or want to improve your business, contact Matt today and ask to be part of a Mastermind Group.

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