Richard Beaumont

Relationology Partner and leader of an international organisation.

Richard Beaumont is an international leader, mentor and author.  He has 45 years of experience in business, relationships and community development in Africa, India and Asia.  He is a mentor to individuals and leaders of multiple organisations and businesses.  A relational expert, Richard travels extensively engaging effectively with the world’s poorest - and the wealthy - pursuing his passion to develop connection and generosity at all levels of society.  He is based in Melbourne, Australia but travels the world.

Beyond Relationology Richard’s current interests include:

  • Entrust Foundation a non-profit enabling hope in some of the world’s hardest places, where he is CEO.
  • REALationships a book helping readers navigate our world of increasingly complex connections, author.
  • Philanthropic Foundations: directing funds to empower the world’s poorest, he is a Director of two such foundations.
  • Hobbies: Sailing, Skiing and Camping, helps him relax and re-charge!