One-to-One Coaching

Relationology offers you a unique relationship-focused, one-to-one coaching opportunity built around your specific needs, wants and aspirations.

It blends the personal experiences of the designated coach with well-considered methods and approaches to develop you to have your best possible impact through the life enhancing power of excellent relationships.

Recent clients have sought out Relationology coaches in order to enable them to achieve defined goals including:

  • Optimising their relationships in order to win new business and opportunities
  • Navigating their next job promotion, career move or new phase of life
  • Supporting them through strategic organisational review, organisational rebrand and roll-out campaign
  • Fundraising for the significant growth of their business or non-profit organisation
  • Developing their communication skills in order to deliver high impact speeches

Your Relationology coaches, Matt Bird, Richard Beaumont & S-P O’Mahony each has extensive experience across the private, public and not for profit sectors.  All three consider themselves global citizens having worked & contributed to communities across the globe. They all have a uniquely relational approach to life and work.

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